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    Engineered with five point harness to secure your precious little one.

    Easily "SWITCH" from big to small, from baby to toddler!

    A stylish, sleek design with padded seat cushion – wipeable surface.

    Same Day Dispatch ( If Ordered Before 12PM AEST)

    Same Day Dispatch ( If Ordered Before 12PM AEST)

    Same Day Dispatch ( If Ordered Before 12PM AEST)

    Our Crew Ready for Unloading!

    Our Crew - Family Business 

    Giving Back to the Community

    Same Day Dispatch ( If Ordered Before 12PM AEST)

    FREE Bassinet for "Lavish" & "Caprice" Prams & Strollers

    FREE Accessories worth up to $200*

    Our Prams & Strollers are compatible with all Maxi-Cosi Capsule models

    Same Day Dispatch ( If Ordered Before 12PM AEST)


    Being a mum or dad of a baby or a toddler food is often a way to keep them happy whilst you are out and about. Your stroller or pram is sure to have some biscuit crumbs, a crust from a sandwich, squashed banana or spilt milk and more hidden in some creases or folds of the pram seat fabric. To keep your stroller or pram looking and functioning like new, Little Lou recommends that you clean your stroller or pram often and check it over periodically to maintain little bits and pieces here and there and use it with care on a daily basis.

    • 2 min read
    What is a bassinet attachment and do I need one for my pram? A bassinet attachment is a bassinet that can attach to your pram. A bassinet is safe sleeping space for newborns and generally used until the age of roughly six months old or to when the baby can sit up unaided. If you are unsure whether you want or need a bassinet attachment here are some reasons to use one below.
    • 3 min read
    If you are pregnant with your first baby, you would be busy researching different brands and products and wondering to yourself “Do I need a Bassinet? Can a newborn go straight into a Cot? What is the difference between a Stroller and a PramCapsule or Car Seat?” plus hundreds of more questions along the same lines. Your family and friends will offer you some advice and you can take it or leave it and do your own research and make your own decision, as its such a personal choice.
    • 3 min read
    Little Lou’s CRYSTALLINE Cot is another product made for baby and you! A contemporary look to an imperative nursery piece, this high-quality cot features stylish acrylic panels. The transparent panels provide an open and light environment for your baby whilst blending in with your home decor. The see-through panels give peace of mind, being able to see your baby’s exact position when checking on them, whether physically walking into the room or nursery or when using a baby monitor. 
    • 3 min read
    Pram, Stroller, Buggy… Are they all the same? What is a stroller? A stroller can usually only carry a toddler who is already able to sit up unassisted. Little Lou strollers are suitable from birth as they recline into a lie-flat position. A stroller is generally basic and simple to use, has a more compact fold and fewer features than a pram. Our two strollers have some added luxuries of our prams along with some excellent features for your convenience. Here is a run-down of the MIDI and ITTI and its features and uses…
    • 3 min read
    Little Lou’s “Trek” model is designed for the active parents who enjoy the outdoors and maintaining their fit and healthy lifestyle, this pram will be right there with you on your long arduous journey. Being able to take this pram on all terrains, an array of different environments, and having your child be protected from the elements in a range of climates, particularly focusing on our Australian climate is extremely important to us. 
    • 4 min read