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    High Chair - What To Look For?
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    A High Chair that converts from Baby to Toddler 

    It feels like you have just had your baby yesterday and already this little person is showing signs of being ready for solids. They are probably somewhere between four and six months of age, possibly doubled their birth weight, has lost their thrust reflex (you can test this by placing a spoon on the tip of their tongue), has excellent neck and head control, is watching you eat and attempting to grab food and may open their mouth when a spoon comes towards them.

    If you are thinking of introducing solids soon, you are going to need to purchase a highchair or some sort of age-appropriate booster seat to feed a baby in and have stored conveniently in your kitchen or dining room. Little Lou High Chair has thought this over and has the most convenient stylish highchair waiting for you.

    Little Lou’s “Switch” is designed for baby and you! For baby – a safe, secure, and comfortable chair featuring an adjustable and completely removable tray and stable footrest to provide support to the baby’s posture. For you – an easy to clean tray and wipeable surface and seat cushion, as well as being stylish and blending in with your current home furnishings. You also have the choice of two colours: beige or grey.

    This highchair can easily switch from big to small, or short to tall. Have a baby sit at the dining table with the family or at the kid's craft table with siblings or their little friends. This highchair can hold 20 kilograms in its highest position and 50 kilograms when at its lowest.

    When starting solids you can opt for traditional weaning offering purees on a spoon, then textured/lumpy foods and then whole foods when ready or Baby Led Weaning which includes passing on the purees and instead of letting babies feed themselves whole pieces of foods from the very beginning.

    Some important points when looking for a highchair are:

    • A five-point harness, this is a harness that has shoulder, waist and a crotch strap, to prevent the child falling or climbing out
    • Strong and sturdy construction to hold the weight of the child
    • A stable build, legs that spread out further than the seat of the chair
    • Minimal moving parts, no sharp points or edges
    • Light enough to easily move around without wheels
    • Height adjustable – lasts from baby to toddlerhood
    • Adjustable and fully removable dishwasher safe tray
    • Footrest – this is vital as it provides ultimate posture when the baby/child is eating
    • An easy-clean, ALL wipeable surfaces with no layered cushioning is much more hygienic
    • Comfort – a padded seat
    • Aesthetically pleasing – a highchair that blends in beautifully with your current décor, doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb.

    Once you have got your ideal highchair some great first food ideas are listed below.

    Puree Combinations

    1. Potato and Sweet Potato
    2. Apple and Banana
    3. Carrot and Squash
    4. Zucchini and Pea
    5. Pumpkin and Broccoli
    6. Parsnip and Kale
    7. Carrot and Spinach
    8. Cauliflower and Corn
    9. Pear and Avocado
    10. Apricot and Blueberry

    BLW First foods (check size pieces for age)

    1. Avocado
    2. Banana
    3. Sweet Potato
    4. Steamed Apples
    5. Soft carrots, beans, zucchini
    6. Soft ripe peach, pear, melon
    7. Pumpkin
    8. Egg yolk
    9. Toast
    10. Pasta