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    Pram and Stroller Maintenance, Care and Cleaning Guide
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    Being a mum or dad of a baby or a toddler food is often a way to keep them happy whilst you are out and about. Your stroller or pram is sure to have some biscuit crumbs,acrust from a sandwich, squashedbanana or spilt milk and more hidden in some creasesor foldsof the pram seat fabric.To keep yourstroller orpram looking and functioning like new, Little Lou recommendsthat youcleanyour stroller or pramoften and check it over periodically to maintain little bits and pieces here and there and use it with care on a daily basis.


    From time to time you should check your stroller or pram over. Some basic maintenance suggestions are to check any screws and to ensure they have not loosened from the frame. Frequently(every 2-3 months)usea silicone basedlubricating productmoderatelyon anymobile parts (not grease or oil). Check over the brakes, harness,clips and folding mechanisms that could become loose or worn out over time of use.


    Some basic care tips and advice when using your stroller or pram are listed below:

    1. The stroller/pram should not be used near an open fire or exposed flame.

    2. Apply the brakes when the stroller or pram is not moving.

    3. Not to overload the pram with additional bags or children, this affects stability.

    4. Fold the pram/stroller gently to prevent damaging your pram/stroller.

    5. Lift it up via the chassis, not the handlebar.

    6. Do not leave stroller or pram in direct sunlight for long periods of time, this may weaken any plastic parts and fabrics will fade.

    7. Preferably empty the basket before folding/collapsing the pram.

    8. Do not leave pram in car on extremely hot days.


    You can always tip your pram upside down and give it a good shake, a dustpan and brush or even a vacuum works well.Each pram or stroller generally has their own individual fabric care guide on the label which should be followed.Removable fabrics can usually be handwashed whilst non removable fabrics are sometimes recommended to wipe over with a sponge or damp cloth and mild detergent in warm water. Do not use abrasive products, bleachingagents or solvents. Leave all cleaned parts and fabrics toairdry thoroughly in a shaded area before folding back up to prevent mould from forming.Avoid cleaning products that contain alcohol as they may cause stains, discolouration and damage your leather surfaces.Ensure you cleanoveryour stroller or pram after a day near the beach as the sea salt can be the cause of rust to your frame. If you happen to get caught out in the rain, open your stroller or pram in a well-ventilated area so it can dry before closing/folding back up to store in your home or car.

    If you take the time to read and follow our maintenance, care and cleaning guide your stroller or pram will stay looking and functioning like new for many years. Your Little Lou stroller or pram will not only last your growing child but perhaps your growing family.