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    Busy Mum: Slow Down And Feel The Love
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    Busy Mum

    Are you a mum or mum-to-be? If so, no doubt you are a busy one. Whether you are expecting your first child or already have one… or even a bunch of children, you probably can relate to this article. It is true what they say – “a mother’s work is never done”.

    If you are pregnant with your first baby, you would be busy researching different brands and products and wondering to yourself “Do I need a Bassinet? Can a newborn go straight into a Cot? What is the difference between a Stroller  and a Pram? Capsule or Car Seat?” plus hundreds of more questions along the same lines. Your family and friends will offer you some advice and you can take it or leave it and do your own research and make your own decision, as its such a personal choice.

    If you already have children, you may have everything you need for a new baby from your previous children. But even then, you a busy with your other children and running your household. The never-ending cycle of cleaning, cooking, washing, kindy runs, school runs, bath time, bedtime, playing, helping with homework, working, grocery shopping, attending appointments, extra-curricular activities, and tending to their every wants and needs and the list goes on. Having a routine makes life so much easier.

    Create a routine to which you wake up before the children so you have time to make your own bed, shower, and follow a skincare routine as well as makeup if you choose. Enjoy your first coffee or tea of the day uninterrupted.

    Encourage your child from a young age to clean up after themselves and give them age-appropriate chores. For example - a two-year-old could put the clean Tupperware away, a three-year-old could put their own clothes in their drawers and their dirty clothes in the laundry, a four-year-old could get their lunch box and school bag ready for kindy and so on.

    Clean the house regularly and clean as you go. An example of this would be tidy the kitchen after cooking or baking. Then again after each meal. Clean out your fridge or pantry on the day you have grocery shopped as you are refilling them. Apply the toilet cleaner after the first time you go to the toilet, clean it the next time you come back. Same goes for the bathroom, spray the surface after you have washed your hands for the first time of the day, wipe it over the next time you come back. Empty the bins at the end of each day regardless of if they are full or not. Take some time to think of your meals for the week, write your shopping list to suit your meal plan – this saves time, money, and waste. Wash every day even if it is a small load, washing machines generally have water-saving cycles these days so it is not a waste of water. Include the whole family and assign them age-appropriate jobs, ensure they take care of their rooms, and then another job that benefits the whole family and household. Work as a team.

    Far too often we are busy mums looking after everyone else, but we also need to remember to look after ourselves. At the end of the day, it's ok for the house to sometimes be a mess – as long as everyone in the house is happy and healthy that is all that counts.